Welcome to South Sound 911’s website!

We made several improvements to make access to our services – and information about our services – even easier. For instance, our research showed that a majority of our citizens visited our website to file an online police report, submit a public records request or find out about the variety of services offered at our public counter. That information can now be found directly from our home page – no more searching multiple pages for the right division or department. And in support of open and transparent government, visitors to our website may now easily locate South Sound 911 reports, resolutions and motions in our Archive Center, or find meeting agendas and minutes in our Meeting Agenda Center.
We are a growing interlocal agency created by local governments and funded by a supportive vote of citizens in November 2011. It is our intent to fulfill our promise to voters by providing seamless and interoperable communications between police and fire public safety agencies throughout our region – and be our citizens’ trusted connection to police, fire and medical aid.
This is an exciting time of transition for our operations and employees, and we are committed to quality service in public safety for the community.
Andrew E. Neiditz, Executive Director